Mijn hart is mijn leiding gevende.


My life Journey so far......

I was born and raised in Amsterdam Holland and enjoyed a happy and loving childhood. During my life, I have had many lessons and teachers along the various paths followed. Some of these experienceswere filled with pain and sorrow, most of them brought me joy, power, love and light. 

Sometimes it felt as if I were being blown off my course and path and waylaid along detours. Each and every one of these experiences though, has helped to shape me into the strong woman, artist, healer and teacher that I am today. 

Today the rollercoaster experiences have made way for a calmer life phase where I can truly live in the HERE and NOW. By doing so I find I can get closer to the core of who I am. This calmer life phase means I have space to listen to and hear the DIVINE SOURCE within. 

My role and responsibility in life is to share that awareness to all upon Mother Earth who seek that greater connection with their DIVINE SELF.  

My particular approach is to channel the very essence of the human or animal character and psychology into a drawing that can be comprehended by the person or keeper, in a way that can assist with understanding oneself better in a way to ease and support ones spiritual life journey and purpose better. 

I feel that my ability to channel and create these drawings was part of a DIVINE gift activated by my visiting and spending time with the SPINNER DOLPHINS of Hawaii and in Sataya Reef Egypt. 

These amazing creatures helped to open my hear fully and they now work alongside me each day, alsongside the DIVINE SOURCE supporting me in my chosen path. 

These gifts are such a great blessing in my life that I feel stronly that it makes me blessed and fortunate to be able to help my fellow human beings but also animals and the natural world we share. 

I hope that as you read these words you will feel that connection and will know that faith, trust, love and light, that motovates my work. I hope that as you read you will feel and share that faith and trust so that we can connect in love and light. 

My heart is my guide and my moral compass.....

Love is the answer to all of your questions.....