Mijn hart is mijn leiding gevende.



Know that YOU also are deserving this gift....

In January 2015 in Hawai and then in October 2016 in Egypt when I swam with the wild SPINNER DOLPHINS I felt I was being called to change the direction of my past healing and artist work. 

I felt driven to make the new work, the Soul Body Code® drawings that I have worked with since that realisation. These energy filled drawings are what I now offer to my clients.     

In each drawing I am the artist but my guides and the inspiration for what appears on the paper are the channelled images and Codings from the DIVINE SOURCE. Also from the WHALE and DOLPHIN energies. 

More recently I have also begun to receive additional positive energy inputs from other realms and life forces beyond Mother Earth. I felt that the energies from other realms and life forces where going to be stronger in me when I visited the pyramids of Visoko in Bosnia this year 2017. 

As you will know already, these are times of great changes and in order to bring in the New Earth and new higher energies, we must do all we can to lift our own energies and frequencies to assist in this greater process. The New World is energetically already there and just waiting for us all to be ready to accept it. 

Commisioning a Soul Body Code Drawing is one way of helping you, a friend or a family member raise those vibritions and connect again with your higher purpose or self.                

What will a Soul Body Code Drawing look like?

Your drawing will be unique to you as your CODES and coulours will be distinct from anyone else. Until I connect with you and Source, I will not know what it is that Source wishes you to receive. Each drawing will have within it the energies of the channelled CODES and these energies will reveal themselves to you as you become ready for them, as you grow, develop and evolve on your path. 

Your drawing is something you should look at often and over time, not just as a one off. Each time as you look at the drawing it will support your growth in resonating with you at a different vibrition and frequency and you develop and grow spiritually to match your heart and soul in the NOW.

What is the basis of theSoul Body Code Drawing?

On the drawing you see a symbol ( )
The inside of the shape and line represents your innerself  (Soul )
The outside of the shape and line represents your outer (Body)
Inside the ( ) symbol will be the Code  
which is a form of writing, 
these are our soul Codes.
All the colours that you see in the drawing will be personal to you 
 and will also have a healing/revealing,
 significance for you.
All of the aspects of the drawing come from the guided feeling,
 that this is what Source wishes you to be given.
I believe that my guidance for every aspect of the drawing is channelledfrom the DIVINE SOURCE. Also from the high energy Cetaceans - The Whales and the Dolphins _
From the information that I collect from you, when you commision a drawing and with you consent for me to begin the work, I am able to connect, tune in to your core and so create/channel the Cdes and colours that resonate with your unique inner world and path. 
Many people ask if I can explain the meaning of the Codes or offer an nterpretation of them for you along side the drawing. I cannot do this since I am a channel for the information..... but you...... and you alone, will intuitively feel and know when the time is right for the m to be assimilated and understood by you. 
In this way you will recieve each code and each spiritual gift at the time that is right for your own personal development ans so you will evolve with the pace tha is decided by the DIVINE timing.


What I need from you in order to begin a drawing : 

                     Your first and last name. 

The day, month and year of your birth. 

The place you live. 

Your home adress to sent the drawing to. 

Once I have this and the payment, I am able to connect with your energy and your innerself. 

Supported by the DIVINE and by the UNIVERSAL LOVE, I feel honoured to accept your commision of a SOUL BODY CODE drawing.

We are all connected and one with Mother Earth and the Universe. In this way I am able to connect and create the channelled drawing frome my own studio without needing to meet face to face or even speak by phone. 

I will provide usually a short message from SOURCE and also an explanation and understanding of the colours that I have used in the work. 

To get the most from your artwork you need to look at it often and through meditation or even just looking at the picture you will be supported in your energetic development towards ascesion to a higher frequency and energy level. 


You can order a drawing by sending an email to : 4allcreation@gmail.com 

or fill in the contact form on this website.

             A4  ( 210mm x 297mm).€ 75,00 including shipping costs     
          A3 ( 297mm x 420mm)€ 85,00 including shipping costs  

 To be clear I must remind you that I cannot offer any explanation of the Codes as they are transmitted/channelled to me as an intermediary only. It is information meant for the "eyes " of your soul only. It is only through you own accesing of them within my artwork that you will begin to have receaved to you, through you energies and your life experiences what the Codes signify, rais and open up in your life.

"Everything that is important is beyond words"